A cultural festival in Essex for everyone to celebrate the London 2012 Games

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The glass bead game

The Call went out far and wide across the universe. The incredible Glass Bead Game has been played for the first time in a thousand years, and coincided with the arrival of the Olympic Torch in Essex.

Two great champions, Boreas Zephyr and Marina Mightier visited Essex to compete for the title of 2012 Champion of The Game. In two marathon journeys around the whole county, each champion collected giant beads from Essex' communities enabling them to play - and win - The Game.

In each location a welcome ceremony by local people was held and a Glass Bead containing something unique to that place was presented.

Thousands supported Boreas and Marina in their journeys before they came together, for the first and last time on Friday 6 July, when sparks really did fly!

Meet the champions
The finale
6th July
Hylands Park, Chelmford

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